Diploma in Career Guidance & Development -KNQF LEVEL 6

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the course accredited?
Yes. This course is Recognized, Equated, Verified and accredited by Kenya National Qualification Framework Authority (KNQFA. It has gone through thorough quality assurance by UK Awarding Organisation, ABMA Education.

2. Who should take this Course?
This course is open to all students above 18 years. It has two entry pathways:
Pathway 1 is for students leaving high school and who have interest in career advising. The minimum entry requirement is KCSE Mean Grade C-
Pathway 2 is for anyone who has interest in all aspects of career guidance and have a either MA, degree, higher national diploma or diploma in education, counselling, psychology, social work, sociology, community development or human resources management.
3. How long is my course?
Pathway 1 takes 3 years
Pathway 2 takes 16 months

4. Who will be teaching the course?
This course is benchmarked on international career guidance best practices and will delivered by some of the leading career guidance practitioners from diverse institutional and geographical contexts. See course brochure to view their bios.

5. What is the application process?
Go to the website https://portal.careerguidancecollege.com/ then follow the following steps:
i. Go through the qualification details and ensure you meet the programme qualifications
ii. Click on "Apply Now"
iii. Fill in the required information in each step of the application
iv. Finish the application process and submit your application
v. Pay 1000/- ($10) application fee (this is a one-time fee and not refundable). The fee is detailed below
vi. Once your application is submitted successfully, you will receive an email from us indicating your application success.
vii. We shall get back to you within 14 days on your application status

6. When should I register?
The course has 3 intakes during the year (January, May, September). You are encouraged to register as early as possible before the system closes for the intake.
7. Do you provide financial assistance or payment plans?
We do not offer financial assistance. However, we provide easy instalments payment plans on semester basis. There also a loan facility for civil servants and TSC employees. Integral
8. Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend the Course?
No. There will be NO refund. You are encouraged to defer your studies to the next intake.
9. I am registered. What next?
You will receive a confirmation email with information on when and how you can access your course.

10. How do I access my course?
Once you are fully registered and have made the application payment, you will receive an admissions letter if you are eligible, or rejection if you are not. If you are accepted and paid the school fees, you will be sent the login details for the learning management system (eccgd.careerguidancecollege.com) for orientation and learning.

11. How does Online Learning work?
Our learning management support team will provide orientation for you and will also share with you more information on the online experience and how you can expect to interact with your course.
12. How will I learn?
The course tutors will use a combination of some of the following ways:
• Live and recorded lectures
• Case studies
• Independent studies (reading, writing essays or solving problems)
• Fieldwork or work-based learning

13. How will the course be assessed?
The course assessment will have formative (continuous) and summative assessment. The continuous assessments will be done by course tutors and will account for 30 %. Summative assessments will be done by external examination body ABMA Education UK which will account for 70%.
14. Do I need specific equipment to take this course?
This course can be accessed on a mobile or tablet device, although we strongly encourage you to have access to a desktop or laptop computer and reliable internet connection. This will be helpful to access your virtual classes, learning activities and assignments from the learning management system. Experience shows it is easier to read discussion threads and complete written assignments on a laptop or desktop computer.
15. How do I contact technical support during my course?
For technical support, please email info@careerguidancecollege.co.ke or call 0743 822 925 from 9.00 am -5.00 pm Monday – Friday. We are ready to help!

16. When and how often will my course meet?
There are scheduled virtual class time and the course administrator will provide the timetable. The course unit can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, your course unit tutors will advise you more on how to stay engaged with the class discussion boards and the course materials, as well as to communicate with them.
17. What should I do if I’m away for a few days?
Please inform your course tutor. Make every effort to continue working on the course while you’re away. It is important that you contact your course tutor as soon as possible to determine what, if any, arrangements can be made for your situation.
18. Do I need to buy textbooks?
All the reading materials are available on the learning management system. Course tutors may provide recommended and suggested texts for further reading.

19. I have completed my course! What next?
Well done and Congratulations! There is a provision for in person and online graduation.
20. Who will award the Certificate?
When you successfully complete the Course, you are eligible to receive an award of Diploma in Career Guidance & Development from ABMA Education.
22. Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
You can contact the mercy@careerguidancecollege.co.ke or maggie@careerguidancecollege.co.ke or 0743 822925