Career Conversations

Career Guidance Interventions To Bridge Unemployment Gap Among The Youth

Career Conversations

17th May 2023

7:30pm - 8:30pm EAT

Far too many young people are marginalised, unemployed or underemployed. Many fail to connect the relevance of their studies to future work and life roles. They do not know how to identify suitable employers who may need their unique talents. Equally, employers lament that schools and higher education systems are not delivering students with the employability and self-management skills, character and attitude they need. Essentially, the process of matching talents to opportunities is a challenging affair, with vast economic, social and human consequences. Join Dr Mercy Maina, a seasoned Career Development Practitioner, trainer and researcher as she brings on the table career guidance interventions for the NEET (Not in Employment, in Education or in Training).



Margaret Waithaka


Career Development practitioner

Dr. Mercy Maina


Career Development Practitioner, Trainer and Researcher